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About Control Joints…

Posted: 02/27/15

Control Joints are installed in concrete to control where the cracks will occur. TJD can fill the control joints with specialized materials for many different purposes. Exterior applications will prevent salt, dirt, water and debris from laying in the control joins causing spalling and chipping with freezing and thawing over time. Interior applications can provide many benefits to your overall cost, maintenance and appearance of your concrete. In-plant concrete can get many different uses, i.e. forklift traffic, production service, and warehousing, mechanic service, wash bay service, fabrication shops, clean room service, food production, etc.

Many production operations move parts from one area to another. The carts used to transport these parts can break down the control joins and cause floor damage. Production areas all have particulate and product that is swept up daily. Control joins that have been filled make daily cleaning much quicker and more efficient. Control Joints that have been filled can prevent machine oils and lubricants from entering the control joints.

TJD can evaluate, prep and fill your concrete control joins with the right material to accomplish your long term goals. Contact us today!


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