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About Dry Ice Blasting….

Posted: 01/16/15


dry ice blasting

Dry ice blasting is an advancement in technology that can transform your business, making it more sustainable and cost efficient. This practical and affordable alternative is similar to other cleaning processes that use sand, water and solvents, but eliminates the risks and additional costs those methods can create.

This method requires less downtime on the part of the business and time needed for cleaning is nearly cut in half. There is no need for disassembly of complex machinery and machines are able to be hot, which could not previously be done with methods such as sand blasting. The dry ice is a non-abrasive, making it a gentle process that can be used on circuit boards while also ensuring that all of the crevices of heavy machinery will be reached, allowing equipment to operate effectively. Dry ice blasting will not leave any residue in equipment and will not alter the surface structure of machinery the way that sand or water blasting can, lessening the risk of damaged equipment during the cleaning process.

Here’s how it works: When the dry ice pellets come in contact with the equipment surface, it sublimates, turning into carbon dioxide gas. This makes it a dry cleaning process, meaning it is non-conductive and safe to use on electrical components. The only waste leftover from the cleaning is the carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring gas that is absorbed by plant-life. With this benefit, dry ice blasting is not only eco-friendly but eliminates the cost of waste removal that is necessary with sand and water blasting.

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