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Combustible Dust

Posted: 04/7/15

The creation of dust in the workplace does not always pose a safety and health risk. However, years of substandard housekeeping and improper handling of combustible dusts can lead to property damage, injuries and even result in death.

Combustible Dust can develop and accumulate in many areas of your facility. All facilities should conduct an audit periodically to evaluate the potential for accumulation of combustible dust. Combustible dust can develop from a number of sources i.e. plastics, wood dust, resins, coal, carbon dust, grain and bulk food products, etc. Combustible dust can also be a byproduct from a process such as grinding, crushing, conveying, screening, sanding, to name a few. Combustible dust can also accumulate in some specific areas of your facility; raw material receiving areas, specific production areas, boxing and maintenance. Combustible dust can be managed using procedural methods such as housekeeping, vacuum recovery cleaning, and removing compressed air from the daily clean up procedures. TJD can conduct a survey and an assessment to analyze your specific needs and resolutions to all of your combustible dust needs.


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