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Just a Word About Our Employees…

Posted: 03/6/15

petrochemical co-workers working in the plant

TJD provides its customers with skilled, qualified, and trained personnel. TJD personnel conduct a project specific safety meeting on every project every day. The project supervisor holds and documents each meeting. All TJD personnel are 10 hour and 30 hour OSHA certified, Aerial Lift certified, and First Aid trained. TJD personnel are also trained on each specific project site safety rules, emergency procedures, etc. 

TJD conducts a companywide safety meeting each month covering a multitude of topics i.e. fire extinguisher, lift techniques, fall protection, electrical hazards, machine guards, lock out tag out, driving, lifting, pre-trip vehicle inspection, ladder safety and weather condition safety, just to name a few. Safety glasses, hard hats, hearing protection, steel toed shoes, high visibility vests and appropriate gloves are standard daily PPE for TJD personnel.

Some projects require specific training and PPE i.e. weather conditions, extreme heat and cold, double ear protection while operating Dry Ice Blasting equipment, thermal protection while handling or working with Dry Ice materials. Face shields and rain gear while hot and cold water power washing, just to name a few.


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