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TJD has performed numerous types of structural cleaning projects throughout the years for our customers. Structural cleaning will remove debris/grease from: walls, vents, ducts, and fans. Dust, dirt, and oil buildup caused by production and/or air pollutants can be eliminated with a cleaning method specific to your needs. These methods used to improve the condition may include: vacuuming, wet wiping or pressure washing, depending on the type of surface. TJD can clean a variety of indoor/outdoor surfaces, including, but not limited to: steel, wood, painted surfaces, block, concrete, etc.

TJD provides trained personnel to handle all of these types of procedures. TJD will work with your schedule, whether it is working on the weekend, evenings, shutdown periods or normal operating hours. We have the specialized services to meet your needs whether you are a large manufacturing company or a smaller retail business. In addition to improving the overall presentation of your company, scheduled cleanings will reduce the overall cost of maintaining your facility and will help keep all of the areas safe.

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