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  • Dry Ice Blasting Before and After
    Dry Ice Blasting Before and After
  • Dry Ice Blasting Before and After
    Dry Ice Blasting Before and After

Advancements in technology are often called such for the ways in which they provide ease in the way we do things, or the way we think. Dry ice blasting is such an advancement that dismantles barriers of previous cleaning methods and refines the way we think about cleaning. New applications for dry ice blasting are being found every day, from heavy industrial machinery to delicate electrical components. Similar to blasting processes using sand, water and solvents, dry ice blasting cuts down on risks and can be done without the same restrictions as other methods. Using dry ice saves capital and required downtime, and provides an environmentally conscious approach to industrial and mechanical cleaning.

How is Dry Ice Blasting Done?

Dry ice (carbon dioxide) pellets are blasted at specific velocities towards the surface that it is cleaning. When they come into contact with the surface, the pellets sublimate, turning into carbon dioxide gas. The sublimation process causes the carbon dioxide to expand, breaking up dirt and grime from the inside out and clearing it away from the surface. Once the dry ice breaks up the dirt from the surface, it can usually be swept or vacuumed. While dry ice blasting is commonly used to clean dry contaminants off of machinery, it can be used effectively to clear away grease, oil and other wet contaminants. By using the dry ice to push wet contaminants, it can be caught or cleared away with other tools.

Why Use Dry Ice vs. Conventional Cleaning?

The dry ice is non-abrasive and non-conductive, making it dry and gentle enough to be used to clean circuit boards while also ensuring that all of the crevices of heavy machinery will be reached, allowing equipment to operate effectively. This benefit prolongs the life of machinery by lessening the risk of damaged equipment during the cleaning process.

Not only is dry ice blasting gentler on machinery, but it can be done in ways that reduces the cost that is usually connected to the cleaning budget. This method requires less downtime on the part of the business as there is no need for disassembly of complex machinery. The sublimation takes care of cleaning machine crevices and machines are able to be hot during the cleaning, which could not previously be done with methods such as sand blasting. The only waste leftover from the cleaning is the carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring gas that is absorbed by plant-life. With this benefit, dry ice blasting is not only eco-friendly but eliminates the cost and risks of waste removal that is necessary with sand and water blasting.

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