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Racking Repair, Removal and Maintenance | TJD Industrial Services
TJD Industrial Services

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  • Fully Assembled Racks
    Fully Assembled Racks

Racking Repair, Removal and Maintenance

Racking systems are a fundamental component of any facility distribution, storage, or material handling operation. We understand that you may not have the time or resources to install your own racking equipment. That is where we come in to help. The pressure to maintain continuous product flow often overrides the replacement or repair of any in house racking system. At TJD we have the experienced professionals with the proper tools and equipment to accomplish the job the right way. Racking systems need to adhere to a design that meets RMI/ ANSI regulations and considers the load levels and environmental conditions. At TJD, we can repair, replace or remove any type of racking system that you may have in place, i.e. Static, Flow Rack, Push Back, and Drive In.

Keeping your warehouse operating safely and efficiently begins with documented routine inspection and maintenance. Racking inspections are a vital part of warehouse efficiencies, safety and product flow. To ensure that safety standards are consistently met, regular racking inspections are an absolute necessity. Failure to address damaged and missing rack components can lead to an incident or tragedy in your warehouse. An ongoing inspection program can save money and alleviate costly downtime in any warehouse or distribution center.

Whether you are moving your business or just ready for an update,TJD can dismantle and remove your current racking system. TJD can also help to install a new racking system to conserve valuable space. Trusting your current rack system to TJD ensures that your equipment will be properly installed, inspected and maintained. Don’t overlook or ignore fatigue or careless forklift activity.

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